I have to admit that I haven’t really minded quarantine life. In fact, I actually like it! I remember when it all started in March and there was a sense of anxiousness about the idea of not being able to access my usual places… stores, the mall, restaurants, school events, sports, church, and seeing friends! I do miss portions of these things, but have been so impressed with how the “social distancing” has forced us to figure other things out in order to see those we care about! In the grand scheme of it all, I have LOVED having my crew around nearly 100% of the time! Sometimes the days blend together and we have to remember what day it is or who has what class or appointment. But, Sunday’s have still have my heart and continue to be the BEST DAY! We are all a little more relaxed and having an entire uninterrupted day spent at home with JUST US is a dream come true for me! I am soaking it all up! I will continue to document some of these quarantine moments because soon enough we will all be back to our “normal” lives and I don’t want to forget how much we enjoyed this slower pace and quality time! And, because soon enough Mike will be back to the office, the calendar will start to fill up, and the boys will head off to college. Quarantine couldn’t have come at a better time for me and I will cherish every moment!




This week as Blake and I were contemplating quotes and ideas for this weeks COVID-19 free printable, it seemed perfect to share this quote by the infamous Mother Theresa! Brady just got home from serving his mission where he spent 19 months serving others. He’s been home about 12 days and we have heard so many amazing stories about the people he served and those who served him! He had some life changing moments by some of the most simple acts that have in turn, changed me. We can do something so simple, but it’s the LOVE behind the act that counts the most. Such a great reminder for our family!

(Head over to JP Lettering Co. to access the free printable…have your kids color it, attach a treat and deliver to a friend or neighbor to brighten someones day!)


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory!”

We decided on this quote for this weeks COVID-19 free printable because as hard as things have been in the world and, for some of us within the walls of our own homes, I know that we will miss this slower pace of life! Our house went from a pretty hectic schedule with kids, work, sports, school, friends, and church, to all of us being home pretty much 24/7! I’m not complaining; we are very grateful for a career that allows flexibility and schools and teachers who are willing to be available and flexible. But, we have had to find a balance that would allow each of us time to ourselves, while also trying to keep some amount of structure within our home. In between our few commitments, we have had so many more family meals together, family game and movie nights, bike rides, late night hang out sessions in the kitchen, lots of music, time to read, bracelet making, and lots of LAUGHTER! These are the things that I want to remember when COVID-19 ends and when things get back to “normal”! I hope that while things feel different and hard, that we can try to hang on to these little moments and cherish them forever as they are turned into memories!

(Head over to JP Lettering Co. to access the free printable…have your kids color it, attach a treat and deliver to a friend or neighbor to brighten someones day!)


We had so much fun last week with our free printable that we decided to create another one! We are going to keep this trend going e very week week until quarantine ends! If you have a favorite quote or idea, feel free to let us know! Blake and I have so much fun coming up with quotes and designs and then he puts our ideas to paper. You can access the FREE PRINTABLE HERE and then have your kids color it, attach it to a little something (ie: treat, sidewalk chalk, baked good, gum, candy) and then leave it with a friend or neighbor. Or, just let your kids color it and hang it in your front window for your neighbors to see! This is such a hard time for so many and this is a simple way to make someone smile and fill our own hearts at the same time!



It almost feels as if time has stopped in the world around us with COVID-19! I know that at our house we can’t keep up with what day of the week it is, who has what class on what day and what time, we are lacking in the bedtime/morning routine, eating meals at odd times, and getting used to all of us being home together 24/7! We are all trying to find our place during this time and this blog is something I’ve talked about for years and TIME is no longer an excuse! I am using this creative outlet as a fun place that I hope you enjoy as well!

I read this article in the New York Times and thought it did a great job of explaining our economy and how shopping affects society as a whole. I understand that there are people who are sick, have lost jobs and are just feeling nervous and uncertain. I have also worked in retail for over 10 years and know very well that this is the first time stores have closed like this. Retailers are a large source of revenue for the economy and they employ a large number of people. I want to acknowledge all that is going on in the world. I also want to share all of the sales because if we have the means to shop, we are helping the retailers and benefitting ourselves as well! WIN-WIN!

Our kids were on spring break when COVID-19 got serious and schools were cancelled. We had a family meeting and discussed the upcoming changes with work and homeschooling. With Blake and Ellie being our only two at home, they can keep a pretty similar schedule. We came up with some daily guidelines to help all of us keep some routine. Here are a few that we felt were most important: exercise, online religion class, chores, school work, family meal, get outside, and SERVICE! Serving others has always been an important part of our family and there is no better time than now to do so! But, have also found service to be difficult as so many are keeping their “social distance”, us included. We had some cute friends leave something at our door last week and then run! We loved it and so we decided to create a free printable that others could use as well! Blake, our 18 year, is a talented artist and created a printable that the kids (or adults) can color, attach to a treat and drop to a friend or neighbor. Or, you can color the rainbow and hang in a front window for neighbors to see! We have loved having these around and they’ve given us an opportunity to reach out and do something for others and bring this world a little bit of happiness! We invite you to #SpreadTheLove with us!