I have to admit that I haven’t really minded quarantine life. In fact, I actually like it! I remember when it all started in March and there was a sense of anxiousness about the idea of not being able to access my usual places… stores, the mall, restaurants, school events, sports, church, and seeing friends! I do miss portions of these things, but have been so impressed with how the “social distancing” has forced us to figure other things out in order to see those we care about! In the grand scheme of it all, I have LOVED having my crew around nearly 100% of the time! Sometimes the days blend together and we have to remember what day it is or who has what class or appointment. But, Sunday’s have still have my heart and continue to be the BEST DAY! We are all a little more relaxed and having an entire uninterrupted day spent at home with JUST US is a dream come true for me! I am soaking it all up! I will continue to document some of these quarantine moments because soon enough we will all be back to our “normal” lives and I don’t want to forget how much we enjoyed this slower pace and quality time! And, because soon enough Mike will be back to the office, the calendar will start to fill up, and the boys will head off to college. Quarantine couldn’t have come at a better time for me and I will cherish every moment!

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