I’ve put together another list for Mother’s Day! This list is so fun and some of the items are a little bit more sentimental. I could think of a million things to buy your mom, wife, mother-in-law…but there are a few on this list that would be voted MY MOST FAVORITE! If it has to do with photography, prints or the pool/beach…I am a happy mom!

  1. Every mom should have a good camera aside from their phone to document their lives! I’ve had a couple of DSLR cameras over the years and love them! This Canon DSLR has great reviews and is a reasonable price. I know they can be heavy to carry, but there are certain times/events that I wouldn’t dream of not brining it! Our oldest son has gotten into photography over the last couple of years and he has the mirrorless Sony A6000 that he swears by. And, to be honest, I have been extremely impressed with the image quality. With the mirrorless, you will get the quality of the DSLR without the bulk and the weight of a DSLR. There are so many options and the price range is huge. Regardless, make sure your family is well documented…time goes too quickly!
  2. I have this J Crew shirt from a year or two ago and love it so much! It can be worn all the time, but especially fun to wear it on Mother’s Day! It has red hearts and on the bottom right corner is says “mama”. They also make a kids version if you want to match your little one! Such a fun shirt to show your mom your love for her!
  3. A good book (or magazine) is always a winner! I read WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING and loved it and it’s good for any age group as well!
  4. More bracelets! I can’t get enough and constantly adding to my collection. Baublebar has so many fun pieces to choose from, but these custom bracelets are so fun! The options with the letters are endless!
  5. This little book that I found at Target is so cute! It’s called LETTERS TO MY MOM! I’ve been a mom for over 20 years and these are the things I love most!
  6. Mark & Graham has the cutest gifts! I am a sucker for anything personalized or monogrammed and they are the best for these gifts. I love these cute catchall dishes to use on a nightstand, next to a sink or on a dresser! You have FIVE days left to order in time for Mother’s Day!
  7. If you’re like me and ready for the summer beach/pool weather, you will love this pair of sandals from J Crew! The perfect addition to any summer wardrobe!
  8. Headbands are such a fun trend and perfect for cute and easy summer hair! We have these and have loved all of the fun colors!
  9. Blake made this amazing piece of art for me and I love it so much that I convinced him to take orders for Mother’s Day! You can submit an original picture to him…anything you want! He will create an original piece and forward the digital file to you to print wherever is convenient for you. I would highly recommend printing with Persnickety Prints. I would suggest you print this on their premium matte paper and then frame it however you choose! If you have questions or need help, please feel free to contact me or call the customer service team at Persnickety Prints. They are amazing and I have never been happier with print service or quality of an image (especially for the price)! You can contact him or myself here or through Instagram
  10. I love Clare V. products and this canvas tote is perfect for any mom! The print is darling!
  11. Ok, I’ll admit it…I have a cup addiction and I like certain drinks in certain cups with certain ice. And, Mike and our kids are the same, haha! My favorite cup for years has been this SIC CUP. It holds 30 oz, keeps your drink cold and it doesn’t leave a metallic taste in my mouth like other brands I’ve tried. I finally gave in after hearing about it from all my friends and bought THE MOST TALKED ABOUT STANLY CUP EVER and it is definitely my favorite. I don’t know why I waited so long?!! The only problem is that they have limited quantity and only release as they receive them. They best way to follow them for the release of the Stanley Cup is likely through Instagram @thebuyguide. I would suggest the 30 oz Sic Cup for now and then get the Stanley when it’s available. You can reach out to The Buy Guide here! I love both of these cups and they’d be a great gift…especially if they included a Diet Coke!
  12. Every mom needs a wide brim hat for the pool, beach or even gardening! I have tried several over the years and this J Crew packable straw hat is a favorite!

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