I’ve put together some of my most used workout gear that I use regularly! Or, if you are looking for athleisure or loungewear to wear during quarantine and need something cute, comfortable and stylish…this is for you! (Which basically means that all mom’s can use at least one of these items, ha!)

  1. These have been my favorite hair ties for years! They are soft, last forever and leave minimal creases in my hair. People often ask me where I got my “cute bracelet” so that’s a bonus too…they look cute on your wristThey also come in different colors, but I usually buy black and a nude. I purchase mine with a price match at Nordstrom, but you can find them on Amazon as well!
  2. I am a creature of habit and used the same set of headphones for about 7 years and struggled to make the switch to Apple Airpods. My only regret is not doing it sooner–I LOVE them! I wear them multiple times a day…working out, talking on the phone and I am a certified Audible junkie too, so they are in my ears a good portion of the day! I can’t say enough about these…every mom would LOVE them!
  3. If you make the leap and purchase the Airpods, you will definitely want a case! There are several to choose from, but I prefer the silicon case with a clip so I can hook it to my phone, water bottle or bag!
  4. Lululemon has so many great tanks to choose from and I have purchased a couple styles over the years. The Cool Racerback Tank is my most worn! It’s super versatile and can be worn by itself or layered.
  5. The Nike Air Max 270 have been a favorite of mine for a couple of years! They are really comfortable and awesome for workouts. The ONLY thing I won’t do in them is go for a long run! They have so many fun colors to choose from. Nordstrom is low on choices right now, but Eastbay is my secret source for Nike purchases and always offering discount codes!
  6. I love Le Spec Sunglasses! They are durable, affordable and stylish! The Le Spec Air Heart are a classic look and come in both black and tortoise!
  7. I love a good hat and Adidas hats are so comfortable! We own several and they are easy to wash after a workout. There are several color options and if you have a large head (like myself) then you can shop the mens version!
  8. I have this Lululemon shirt in both short sleeve and long sleeve, and I love it. So great for a workout or to lounge!
  9. The Lululemon Align tights are FOR SURE the best I own! I have them in the 25″ and the 28″ and like them equally! Also, Lululemon offers free alterations so you can have them adjusted to the length you prefer. Quality is unbeatable!
  10. We use yoga mats at our house daily, especially since quarantine and this one is our favorite! Whether for yoga, stretching or doing a workout, they have been so handy. They are easy to wipe down and sanitize and they fold up well for storage.

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