“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory!”

We decided on this quote for this weeks COVID-19 free printable because as hard as things have been in the world and, for some of us within the walls of our own homes, I know that we will miss this slower pace of life! Our house went from a pretty hectic schedule with kids, work, sports, school, friends, and church, to all of us being home pretty much 24/7! I’m not complaining; we are very grateful for a career that allows flexibility and schools and teachers who are willing to be available and flexible. But, we have had to find a balance that would allow each of us time to ourselves, while also trying to keep some amount of structure within our home. In between our few commitments, we have had so many more family meals together, family game and movie nights, bike rides, late night hang out sessions in the kitchen, lots of music, time to read, bracelet making, and lots of LAUGHTER! These are the things that I want to remember when COVID-19 ends and when things get back to “normal”! I hope that while things feel different and hard, that we can try to hang on to these little moments and cherish them forever as they are turned into memories!

(Head over to JP Lettering Co. to access the free printable…have your kids color it, attach a treat and deliver to a friend or neighbor to brighten someones day!)

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