I feel like Easter snuck up on us this year with all that’s going on in the world! Between trying to juggle homeschool, working from home, schedules (or lack of), and making sure we have our basic necessities met; Easter is here! I’m doing my best to try and keep things as normal as possible for our kids and family. Decorating for different holidays has always been something I love! This year I hesitated to put Easter up, but decided that if it’s important to the kids that I would do it. Our oldest son is serving a church mission and has been away from home for 18 months. He never acknowledged the holiday decorations…sometimes I wondered if he noticed them. This is the same kid that wouldn’t notice if I dyed my hair purple, so I didn’t take offense! After he left home and spent his first set of holidays away, he told me that one of the things he misses the most is holiday decorations! Here we are with our home decorated and ready for Easter, but I’m trying to figure out what we can do to make the day special while maintaining our “social distancing“!

Our family attends church every Sunday. When our church announced closure a month or so ago, we decided that we would hold our own service at home. Some weeks we have gotten dressed up and other weeks we stay casual & comfie! This Sunday we will get dressed up and hold our own service and will involve our kids. If you don’t want to deal with “church clothes” then take this year off and enjoy the service in your comfies! If you don’t have a church to go to, there are several different congregations who will meet online and worship together. There are groups and discussions happening on different social media platforms as well. You can do a search for local churches here!

Easter Sunday involves a big dinner at our house! We moved to Texas a few years ago and we don’t have family anywhere near so we were forced to figure out holiday’s on our own. I love to bake, but cooking large meals isn’t my favorite. Plus, I’ve learned that when I’m doing all the prep work, cooking the meal and doing the clean up, it makes the holiday less enjoyable. When we do big meals, we find a local restaurant that we like and we order part of the meal. This year with COVID-19 it is a perfect time to use a local eatery and show your support, while helping yourself out too! I haven’t decided for sure, but I’m leaning toward ordering steaks and a few side dishes from a local favorite of ours called Whiskey Cake. I will make a few of our favorite sides and something for dessert. This has been perfect for our family! If you don’t like to cook, call and order a full meal of your choice…it doesn’t have to be big! Or, you could do brunch instead of dinner!

I know that it can be difficult to get groceries this year, but we have always loved the tradition of dying Easter eggs. We will still do it this year, but we won’t have our usual company join us and we won’t dye as many eggs! Work with what you have…you can use dye, acrylic paint or sharpies!

Egg hunts have been a favorite for years. There are ways to make this work with a little creativity involved. Our neighborhood does a big egg hunt every year. This year we will have the Easter Bunny parade around the neighborhood in the back of a truck and toss eggs to our front yards for the kids. Some neighborhoods are continuing with the “neighborhood hunts” leaving designated pictures or items in windows for the kids to count. And, some neighborhoods are using luminaries to light up their streets in celebration of the holiday! I saw a cute idea on Target to do a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt! Get creative with family, friends and neighbors and find something that works for you!

As far as Easter baskets go, don’t stress about making them elaborate this year! I have linked several ideas in previous posts (GIRL/TWEEN, BOY/TWEEN, TEEN GIRL, TEEN BOY) and many of the items are linked to Amazon. If you need additional items and can’t receive them in time with Amazon Prime, I have loved Target Curbside pick-up. You can download the app, search for items and add to cart and your order will be ready within 2 hours! They have a great page online that shares ideas for Easter! Here is a list of categories that I recommend to help fill your Easter baskets!

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