1. Hats are always a perfect Easter basket gift. If they don’t have a favorite sports team then this hat would be perfect!
  2. Kendama’s are a favorite at our house for all ages!
  3. We have been playing games and card games like crazy lately and UNO is always a hit!
  4. This Rubix Cube Set is fun and will entertain your kids for hours!
  5. This LEGO Chain Reaction activity is a great way to learn while having fun!
  6. We have collected so many LEGO sets over the years, but the classic sets are still the favorite!
  7. Let your boys be boys without the crazy mess of dirt! This Kinetic Sand is so much fun!
  8. Swim trunks are a perfect addition as we get ready for swimming weather! This suit at J Crew comes in a full size run!
  9. Our boys started to collect these fun finger skateboards when they were young and now as teenagers I still find them laying around! Such a fun little hobby and keep fidgety boys entertained!

A few other ideas are…sporting equipment or balls, Stance socks, video games, book, journal/notepad and pens, board games, nerf gun, and anything for the outdoors!


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