1. Stance socks are a family favorite! This pair is fun for Easter, but look through all of them at Nordstrom or even Amazon!
  2. Shark Watches are so fun and come in all different colors. All of our kids own a couple of them and they are durable and last forever!
  3. The boys in our house love a good bow tie and there are so many fun patterns. We like Vineyard Vines, Nordstrom Rack and The Tie Bar!
  4. Hats are always good to have around at Travis Mathew makes some of our favorites!
  5. We have two different Bose speakers and they are always in use, we love it!
  6. This Nike Killshot sneaker has been top of the sneaker list for men for a while! It looks good with everything!
  7. Herschel is a favorite brand at our house for backpacks, overnight bags and wallets! What teenage boy doesn’t need a wallet?!
  8. Swimsuits are a necessity every year and Easter is the perfect time to purchase. There are so many fun options like this Patagonia Board Short!
  9. You can’t go wrong with a set of Apple Airpods for your kids…or yourself! It will help you maintain your sanity!

Here are a few other fun ideas…airpod case, journal/notepad with pen, sunglasses, skateboard, exercise equipment, phone case, rainbow flip flops, beach towel, and gift cards to their favorite local places to eat!


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